Wellness Tips for Working From Home

We’ve turned the corner on almost a year of working from home. Or from couch... we’re not judging. Whether your kitchen is now a conference room or your bedroom is a corner office, WFH has presented us with some unique changes—for starters, who knew we'd be able to wear blazers with undies for this long?


While there are perks to this new normal—a study by Stanford shows that productivity has increased by 47%. The convenience of WFH has contributed to less sick days, breaks, and much longer hours. Productivity is a very beautiful thing, but it’s important we establish a daily routine for healthy body and mind. So, who better than the stress experts (us) to treat you to some wellness tips for working from home? We got you.




You know those weeks where you have back to back (to back) meetings, find a way to squeeze in an hour or two of power working time, and hopefully not eat your lunch on camera if you’re lucky? You should stop that. Each Monday or Friday, pencil in a couple 15-30-minute blocks on your calendar dedicated to taking a moment for you. Get outside, meditate, just close your laptop, and relax for a moment.



CBD and stress are worst enemies. Whether it’s the state of the world or your presentation at 2 that’s stressing you out, adding our CBD oil or CBD vape to your routine is a great way to manage your stress levels without leaving your desk, and help soothe you to sleep after a late night full of blue light.



As we mentioned—there are perks of working from home. One of those is this ability to create a daily routine for healthy body and mind. Try waking up the same time you would if you were still commuting, make some coffee, and head out for a little walk in the sunshine. Or, try downloading a yoga or meditation app and take 10 minutes out of your morning. Your home office is your oyster.



And to ensure you stay on track with your healthy routines, a daily wellness checklist is your new BFF. You’re much more likely to achieve something if you write it down, and we all love the satisfaction of checking something off a list. Without further ado, it’s time to jot down your face masking and bubble bath schedule for the week.



There’s nothing better than snuggling on your couch with your space heater dangerously close to you while you sip coffee and catch up on emails. But look, that’s not healthy. Your bed and couch should be a work-free oasis full of relaxation and good times. Otherwise, when you shut your laptop for the day and flick on your fav show, your mind will wander off to work because… well, the couch is your work. Pick a few spots in your home off-limits for work. This may be one of our best wellness tips for working from home. There, we said it.





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