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Humans were born to create. Whether you’re a chemist, a writer, or a construction worker — your brain is constantly ideating and creatively problem solving.

But the issue is, ideas don’t always come easy. And that can be stressful. And stress is the antithesis of what our creative selves require under the heat of idea gestation. (Sorry for the slippery slope).

So, enjoy these tangible ways to garner your creative juices and help them flow.


We could recommend other things: getting more sunshine for example (which is true!), but you seem like an already-sunny person, soooo onto the next. Shake up your routine and stimulate your mind. Doing something active around your house can help get your creative juices flow, such as rearranging furniture or cleaning. Either of those options provides you with a blank slate in which to work. If pushes you to come up with creative ideas, solutions and leaves you feeling accomplished. By moving things around, you’re also giving yourself room to rewire your brain, eliminating the patterns you’ve previously set. The more flexible your mind is, the greater your ability is to control your thoughts.


Second, and speaking of clearing you head, here’s mediation. Really, there are a bevy of ways in which to meditate. Mindfulness is the quality of being conscious or aware of the present moment, acknowledging your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. When mounting stress has you in a thunk, mindfulness meditation can facilitate not only creativity, but innovation. Practicing meditation regularly can leave a lasting impression on human cognition and, as a result, how we conceive new ideas. Meditation works as a conduit for creativity because creativity is in itself an act of meditation. Additionally, meditators are better problem solvers and can have a reduced fear of judgement. To tap into your creative flow, tap into your subconscious.


Third, distract yourself by breaking a sweat. Exercise activates the two elements of creative thinking, divergent and convergent thoughts, both of which act as generators for problem solving on large and small scales. Scientifically, exercise affects the hippocampus, enlarging its size and improving memory. This region of the brain oversees imagination and creativity, which suggests that physical exercise, even in a single session, increases positive mood and can stimulate innovation. Even short amounts of exercise, especially habitual exercise, produce elongated periods of creative thought.


Have we mentioned we’re kinda sorta CBD fans? Wild CBD contains zero THC, which effectively renders it unable to get you stoned. Rather, it acts in a more wholistic way with your body. Believed to support in a more restful sleep, Wild CBD fans often claim positive responses to stress relief and possibly alleviating some pain symptoms. Case in point, CBD is an all-natural, cozy barrier between the creative part of your brain and the other detrimental stimuli most of us don’t want to deal with. Clear your mind with CBD and let inspiration lead to your next great idea.


Fourth, we’re going old school. Eat your fruits and vegetables like mother told you. Antioxidants in these foods are believed to reduce bodily inflammation, specifically vitamins E and C. Reportedly, people who consume higher levels of fruits and vegetables claim to have a higher average of well-being. This may be attributed to antioxidants’ ability to stave off depression. Curiosity and creativity are just as much a part of our internal network, so it makes sense that nourishing our bodies properly also nourishes our minds. However, consuming antioxidants for well-being works on a day-to-day basis, so we recommend eating healthy every day.

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