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The Power Of Mother Nature

The Power Of
Mother Nature

We do everything with your wellbeing in mind—from the first seed to the final drop. Intentionally sourced from plant to product, our CBD is third-party lab tested at every single stage to ensure potent, pure CBD products. And by potent, we mean twice as much CBD as the other guys.


Not all hemp is grown in the USA, but ours is. Our hemp is grown on farms registered with the USDA ensuring top quality and that there is never any unwanted heavy metals or harmful pesticides.


Our CBD is Extracted right here in the states as well. We then use only food grade alcohol to extract the CBD from the hemp plant. Then take it through extra remediation to remove all unwanted THC; the stuff that gives you the *HIGH* feeling.


We only use certified natural flavors mixed with coconut derived MCT oil (coconut oil) to flavor our CBD derived from hemp.


We know you want the facts, and we’re prepared to deliver. We’ve endured every test, at every step, to ensure we are the best product on the market. That’s why each product has a track and trace batch number, so you can know what we know.


Our liquids are designed to offer the highest possible taste, quality and efficacy.