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Product Spotlight: Our Plus Range of Gummies

Here, we believe the best things come in small packages.

Things are beginning to go back to “normal,” meaning more travel, more plans, and more stress. As things pick up, we decided to breakdown all the ins-and-outs of our Plus Gummy range – a product designed to provide a specific purpose, whether you’re needing to feel Calm, get a pick me up to Rise or need a good night sleep from your busy day.

First things first, let’s talk Wild CBD and how it works with the body. You have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) working right now to produce your body’s own form of cannabinoids—a natural equivalent to CBD derived from the hemp plant.

Your ECS uses the cannabinoids it produces to regulate your eating and sleeping patterns, mood, inflammation responses, stress levels, and much more. When you take CBD, you’re further supplementing these systems and providing balance throughout the body. And we know, this can be confusing, so that’s where range is designed for a specific purpose. Need to feel Calm, Calm plus is for you, need that get up and go, then Rise plus is for you and if you need to sleep, then the Sleep plus is for you.

Each perfectly developed and portion sized gummy, is designed to deliver what it says on the bottle. These are not general wellness products, they are specifically purpose designed. We believe 25mg of CBD, mixed with 4mg of THC, is perfect to make you feel calm. If you need a pick me up, then we mix 20mg of CBD, with 5mg of CBG and 2mg of THC. Lastly, need a good night sleep, then our 20mg of CBD, mixed with 5mg of CBN and 6mg of THC, is the right mix for you.

It’s our belief, that each perfectly portioned gummy delivers on it’s promise. For medical advice, that is aligned to your specific needs, please see your local physician.

Our adult designed flavours are carefully crafted, to match the purpose the products are there to deliver on. The calming sense of natural Berries with your Calm Plus gummies, compliments your sense of relaxation and back to nature.

Our Citrus Orange flavoured Gummies compliment the Rise Plus gummies, just like that fresh bite into an orange at half time during your game.

Lastly, our delicious Strawberry flavoured gummies are their to compliment the Sleep Plus gummies, reminding you of desert and preparing for a great nights sleep.

Just because our gummies are compact, doesn’t mean we sacrificed the effectiveness. Each gummy in our range is the full spectrum of the CBD plant, providing you the full effects of what our CBD products can deliver.

All products comply with US regulations while maximizing the purpose for which they are designed and the result you are looking for.

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