Spilling the Tea with Fitness Instructor, Kandyce


Wild fam, meet Kandyce. She’s a fitness instructor with a passion for wellness, Wild, and Justin Timberlake. So, we obviously knew we’d get along swimmingly.

Kandyce has a special relationship with Wild that helped her maintain a healthy mental health state while remaining a superhero (AKA, a mom to two little babes). She keeps it Wild on the daily, whether it be energizing a spin class of 50 people, throwing an extra shot (or 3) in her morning coffee, or treating herself to a little extra CBD ;)

We wanted allll the tea on Kandyce’s Wild side (and we know you do, too), so keep reading for the deets.


Favorite morning ritual?

Coffee and quiet time. Before the kids and animals wake up, I try to lay in my bed with a cup of coffee and spend time with God. 


2020 went to sh*t. How did Wild get you through it?

My CBD journey actually started in 2017 when I had my first baby & had severe postpartum depression. I didn’t realize I had it until she was around 6ish months old. I started a prescription drug to help me get my mental state back in order and thank the lawd I did! Months after, I was told about CBD and how it’s very effective when fighting depression. I was hoping to get off the prescription drug soon. Long story short, CBD helped me ween myself off the prescription drug and kept me balanced until I got pregnant with our second babe.

The timing was perfect! Wild by Nature launched around the same time as I delivered our second kid & I started right on it! I am back on the prescription drug to help again with postpartum depression but I also take the CBD. I can tell on the days that I do not take the CBD. It’s weird, it balances everything out better. It’s crazy. I will also say, I love love love Wild by Nature vs the other CBD products I’ve used because it doesn’t taste like I’m eating a straight up marijuana leaf. It’s tastes good and is enjoyable! I love it. 


What makes you feel your most Wild?

Oh gosh, that’s so broad! It could be throwing an extra shot of espresso in my coffee in the morning to teaching a spin class full of 50 people who are alllllll feeling the rhythm ... to taking a last-minute vacation with my husband and kids! I try to keep it wild in every aspect of my life! 


Which Wild flavor are you?

When I’ve taken my daily 100mg or nah? Kidding! ... kinda. It’s a tie between balance and inspire. I am 100% the description of “balance” — always something going on and I want it to be perfect. BUT — in everything I do, I want to leave it better when I’m done. Through my life & how I live — I long to inspire others to pursue their dreams and purpose. 


Wild product of choice?

Tincture, hands down. It sits right next to my toothbrush — that’s how high on my priority list it is! I brush my teeth, rinse & treat myself to 100mg of CBD. EVERY. DANG. DAY. 






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