Spilling the Tea--Daniel's Wild Side


Daniel Patterson is an author, life coach, and owner of Patterson Perspective.  He also happens to be an anxiety expert who's a huge fan of CBD (Wild CBD, to be specific). His current fav is the tincture for a variety of reasons, which we'll get into.

To learn more about Daniel's view on CBD and why he hates THC (juicy), check out this Hive article. Without further ado, here's the tea with Daniel!


What makes you feel your most Wild?

Living life as an entrepreneur. It requires constant belief, reflection, imagination, and awareness. It’s the single most terrifying and rewarding choice I’ve ever made...to walk away from the stability and stagnancy of a 9-5 and live life on my own terms. I think of what I’ve accomplished in the last 4-5 years and feel WILD.


Quote you live by?

“Change before you have to.” 


When do you suggest CBD to your clients? 

It depends on the client. I’ve discovered in recovery (I’m sober) that the ritual of use was almost, if not more powerful than the actual substance. So if they’re looking to cut back — let’s say in using THC at night — I challenge them to replace that daily use with CBD. I also suggest it to clients who don’t want to use traditional medicine to focus on elevating their mood or mental wellness. I always suggest they see a clinician, but I’ve personally discovered that it helps me with my anxiety.


Have you seen improvements attributed to consistent use of CBD? 

100%. I’ve seen clients ditch THC completely. After a 7-day challenge in replacing using it to sleep and replacing it with CBD, they never went back. Back to the ritual concept I mentioned earlier. I’ve also had clients report that it helps them focus and relax preparing for college exams or a big job interview. 


What is your #1 tip for someone struggling with anxiety?

Name it to tame it. Learning to feel emotions and understand their origins, in addition to establishing coping skills, is the change agent most are seeking. At one point I saw my therapist Jessica for over a decade. That’s a ton of naming and taming, but it has allowed me to learn to manage my depression and anxiety. It’s part of me. It’s my superpower. 


Which Wild flavor are you?

Chill. I’m a mint guy. So it’s on brand. 


CBD & coffee date with a celeb: Who will it be?

Dax Shepard. We met a few years ago playing bingo in LA. Random, I know. But when he learned I was newly sober he was so encouraging and reassuring about it. We both have kids around same age, so I think it’d be inspiring to continue the conversation.


Daniel's pick: TINCTURES


His latest fav? Our tinctures. With 100mg of CBD per serving, these all-natural, pure CBD tinctures are the perfect addition to your wellness routine. Not to mention, the flavors create sensory experiences only a trip to Bali or frolicking through a meadow could provide. Created with your wellbeing in mind, these CBD oil tinctures are the ultimate way to unstress. 

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