Product Spotlight: The 6 Pack


Here, we believe the best things come in (six) small packages.

Things are beginning to go back to “normal,” meaning more travel, more plans, and more stress. As things pick up, we decided to breakdown all the ins-and-outs of our 6 pack – a product designed to provide balance whether you’re hopping on a plane, off a conference call, or into yoga class.




First things first, let’s talk Wild CBD and how it works with the body. You have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) working right now to produce your body’s own form of cannabinoids—a natural equivalent to CBD derived from the hemp plant.

Your ECS uses the cannabinoids it produces to regulate your eating and sleeping patterns, mood, inflammation responses, stress levels, and much more. When you take CBD, you’re further supplementing these systems and providing balance throughout the body. And we know, this can be confusing, so that’s where our 6 pack comes in.



6 individual shots of CBD, precisely measured to harness the best version of you. Each shot contains one serving (100mg) of Wild CBD, plant-based flavors, and MCT (coconut) oil. Yes, that’s it. And here’s why you need it in your life:



At Wild, we believe in rituals that rebalance, refocus, and reinvigorate the mind and body – with CBD at the forefront. Consistency is key in maximizing the benefits of CBD.

Taking it more regularly will increase the amount of cannabinoid receptors in the body and help your ECS become more efficient. Our 6 packs help create a ritual – think of it like your daily vitamin (which you should be taking, too, BTW). You keep your pills in a separated daily container so you don’t forget. The 6 pack is a great way to get into a routine and get the most out of your CBD.




While a tincture is perfect for enjoying at home, it’s so simple to just toss a 6 pack in your gym bag, your office desk, or your carry on for relief whenever, wherever. It’s nearly the size of a pack of gum, and you can even tear off the desired amount you need. Just twist, tear, and recycle when you’re done.




Just because our 6 pack is compact, doesn’t mean we sacrificed the effectiveness. In our initial R&D, we found that the average adult human needs about 80 mg of CBD to really feel its benefits – which is why we settled on 100.

Each shot contains a 100mg serving of CBD. If you like to precisely measure out your serving, our tincture comes with a marked dropper for ease – or you can take half of the 6 pack shot and save it for later.


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