We love love. And we feel that it is our civic duty to remind you to keep love WILD. Whatever that means to you and yours.

So light those candles, draw that bubble bath, find the one who looks at you the way we look at our vape, and give them the last bite (too far??). What we're really trying to say, is whether you're focusing on self-love this Valentine's Day or trying to spice things up with your one-and-only, you deserve it. 

To keep the love flowin' we decided to get the scoop on some of our team and community members' love lives. 1- because we're nosey and 2- because we wanted to collect a handful of sweet date ideas, serious advice, and Wild love stories. 



What's your best piece of advice for keeping love Wild year after year? 

"We both are on the same page when it comes to keeping our marriage on the wild side because ... life is way too short for your marriage to be blahhh. A couple things we try to be intentional about is — keep it real. Tell each other how you’re feeling, even if it’s a tough word. Ain’t nobody got time for games — be gracefully honest. Secondly ... no matter how tired you are, if your partner wants to do it. Do it. Get your mind right & get freaky. (Am I allowed to say that?!) 🤷🏽‍♀️ But really, keep it spicy in the bedroom.

*Disclaimer* — we have our crap. The stuff no one sees. We fight, buttheads and can’t stand each other sometimes. We just try to remember to not sweat the small stuff and be quick to say sorry."



What's your ideal Valentine's date this year?

“I got caught by an Instagram ad on heart PJ’s so I ordered a pair and an ideal date is wearing those and making heart shaped pancakes, chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert and a fun movie! A cozy night with a touch of festive sounds like our winning recipe this year!!"



Tell us a little about your epic love story. (This one is our favorite... grab your tissues).

"When it comes to love, I can confidently say that the greatest love of my life is my husband. Always has been and always will be. Our story has been Wild from the beginning and we make sure to keep our love interesting and every expanding. We also make sure to challenge our choices and belief systems, as a couple and as individuals.

We met in NYC, and after our first date was on Sept 9, 2001. We both knew that night that we have found “the one”. I flew home the next morning to sing in a concert with the CA Opera Company. As I awoke on Sept 11, my mom rushed into my room to give me the shocking news of the twin towers. So Jeremy and I started our relationship during this deeply dark and strangely beautiful wild time in New York City. As soon as I could, I returned to NY and we haven’t been apart since. He proposed in Central Park on the first day of spring and we were married four months later in Maui surrounded by friends and family from all over the world. And we kept on going after Hawaii…. flying straight to Melbourne Australia to start our life together. Our first big Wild Adventure.

Moving to Australia was an adjustment…especially straight from NY city. Where was I??? It was in that great continent floating out in the middle of the ocean that we became parents, founded our agency, and where our true and fierce independent spirits were strengthened.

Six years ago, we were back in CA for a visit on a family trip to Wyoming. We were riding horses through a big open field and I had a moment where I new that it was time to move back home. I reached over to Jeremy on his horse and whispered that we weren’t going back to Melbourne. He was thrilled. He was in. Another Wild adventure began.

To this day, we continue to dream and create together. Since moving back to CA, we’ve expanded our agency, started two additional businesses in CBD and Coffee and are raising two beautiful daughters (which is a wild adventure all its own!). The secret to our love is to keep it Wild, take risks and never let life get stagnant. Who knows what our next Wild Adventure will be, but I’m ready."



What's your ideal Valentine's date this year?

“I have two valentines… but don’t worry we talked and they’re both OK with it. One is a 90 pound ball of fluff who lovessss a good belly scratch. My other valentine is my lovely fiancée and best friend who is (almost) as easy to please. The three of us will probably grab some take out and hit the beach for a sunset picnic this V-Day. And I can’t think of a better way to spend the day together!”



How have you kept love Wild throughout 2020?

"We knew life was likely to get mundane with a global pandemic and lockdown, so my husband and I committed to monthly date days to try new things... and to totally unplug from the rest of the world when we were together. At the end of the year, we'd kayaked the inter-coastal, cooked some exotic foods, biked through a national forest, and made a lot of laughter-filled memories!"


We hope you enjoyed those as much as we did. Stay Wild at Heart💚.


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