We love new beginnings, especially New Year’s (and also the sequin dresses and champagne that comes with it).  The year is 2021—you’re alive, well, and ready for a Wild turn of events. We’re not here to talk about how horrible of a year 2020 was. Everyone is already doing that for us—and you already lived yourself.  


We’re also not resolution people. Sure, maybe we’re a little bitter because we set resolutions last year that got drown out by a global pandemic, social injustices, natural disasters, and a historic presidential election. But also, only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions anyways. So—how about something a little more attainable? Enter: You’re (new and improved) 21 Shot book.



 Your 21st shot book. Remember her? (If you completed it, chances are you don’t).  We’re here to bring her into 2021 with a new Wild flare. 365 is a big commitment. But what about 21 days for the year 2021? Then maybe if you want, you can keep it going ;)


Here’s what it entails:

Each day, you’ll take a shot from our 6-pack tinctures. Grab yours now with our buy 2 get 2 – use SHOTBOOK at checkout!


Each morning, night, afternoon, or whenever suits your fancy, you’ll take your CBD shot and make a journal entry. Journals are very intimate and personal, so it’s whatever suits you. It could be as simple as writing three things you’re thankful for, or three intentions for this new year. But we’ve included 21 journal entry ideas for you here:


  1. Describe 3 things you love about YOU.
  2. Who are you most thankful and why?
  3. Do you believe history repeats itself?
  4. What does love feel like?
  5. What’s your favorite Wild flavor?
  6. What do you vow to change in 2021?
  7. What’s a quote that inspires you and why?
  8. Do you feel that CBD has impacted your life?
  9. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
  10. What is your favorite trait about yourself?
  11. Write about an amazing dream you’ve had
  12. Who is the most influential person in your life?
  13. How does your CBD routine impact your day-to-day?
  14. Where do you feel the most inspired?
  15. What are three things you’re grateful for?
  1. What are you most afraid of? Deconstruct it.
  2. Are you a cool or warm person?
  3. What Wild flavor are you and why?
  4. What is your biggest goal(s) for 2021?
  5. What is your biggest takeaway from 2020?
  6. What was the last thing that made you laugh your hardest?

 Having a partner in this makes everything better. So make sure to grab a friend :)  



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