Has your Quarantine gone to Sh*t?

8 Easy Routine Fixes That Can Bring Calm to Your 2020 by Locale Magazine 

 Wake Up Feeling Refreshed, Balanced and Ready to Conquer the Day


Little did we know we’d still be here in August: at home ordering takeout, watching season six of the same addictive reality show and waking up and working in our pajamas. We’ve all been in the same situation over the past few months—ordering pizza for dinner and saying we’ll work out tomorrow. Well, the time has come to hit the upgrade button and make a few small improvements to our daily routines. Who wouldn’t want to wake up each morning feeling better and 100% yourself? Make these 10 slight switches to add a sense of calmness to your life and improve how you feel throughout the week. 

1 | Goodbye Jitters 

Current Situation: Over-Caffeinated 

Upgrade: Calm & Collected 

Sure, a triple-shot vanilla latte from your local coffee shop is a tasty treat a few times a weekand it feels great to be awake and alert for the first hour after drinking coffeebut the side effects of jitters and crashes are not ideal. Instead, wake up and make a hot cup of green tea, adding in manuka honey. Green tea still has a certain amount of caffeine (plus antioxidants!); manuka honey has natural antibacterial properties and is known to have many other health benefits


2 | Save the Trees, Please

Current Situation: Midnight Toker

Upgrade: CBD Connoisseur

Try something new at night or trade-in smoking weed for CBD. Wild By Nature offers premium-grade CBD products that are hemp-derived, grown in America and non detectable amounts of THC. As Jeremy Creighton, Wild By Nature CBD CMO and co-founder, says, “Feeling wild is about feeling liberated, powerful and overall amazing.” If you’re new to CBD, check out the 6 pack tincture, which is a daily dose of CBD (100mg per 1ml per one shot), so you know exactly how much to takeor try the device, which is an elevated way of vaping (contains no THC or nicotine). Chill out and unwind from the day with Wild. “Chill, balanced, relaxed and refreshed are feelings we all want to feel,” says Creighton.  


3 | Morning Movement

Current Situation: Wake Up & Work

Upgrade: Endorphins Galore 

The early bird gets the worm! Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than your usual wake-up time to get some movement in. Take an online yoga class with Ra Yoga or set your intentions for the day with a Headspace meditation session. Science-backed benefits of meditation include reducing stress and improving focus. This eight-minute yoga stretch will slowly wake you up!


4 | Listen With Intention

Current Situation: Noisy News 

Upgrade: Intriguing Conversations  

The news can be a bit overwhelming at times. Instead of turning on the morning news as you start the day, opt for a podcast instead. Whether you’re seeking something informative, inspirational or interesting, there’s a podcast out there for you. Ted Talks Daily, How I Built This With Guy Raz, Hidden Brain and NAKED with Catt Sadler are all worth a listen. 


5 | Chef It Up
Current Situation: Postmates Biggest Fan

Upgrade: Creativity in the Kitchen 

Is your Postmates driver the person you see the most as you order your local favorites throughout the week? Of course, there are days when Zoom calls run long or it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day to finish the never-ending to-do list, but try taking your designated lunchtime to make a healthy lunch for yourself. Take a break from screen time and get creative in the kitchen. Try making this Half Baked Harvest summer salad or Love and Lemons’ avocado summer rolls for something quick and nourishing. The best part is, you’ll be fueled and ready to conquer the second half of the day! 


6 | Dinner Distractions 

Current Situation: Dinner and a (TV) Show

Upgrade: Eating Under the Sun

Sitting on the couch and watching TV as you eat dinner becomes a habit most of us can relate to. Instead, bring your dinner outdoors! Whether you have a backyard, front yard or even a stoopsit under the sun and enjoy your dinner. Maybe you’re close enough to walk to the park or pack a lunch box and head to the beach. Whatever the case, switch up your nightly routine and enjoy some fresh air. 


7 | Pour Decisions

Current Situation: On Cloud Wine

Upgrade: Soothing Sleep

Okay, the number of alcoholic drinks consumed these past few months has been excessive. Have you resorted to drinking Chardonnay straight from the bottle? It’s okay, we aren’t judging you. Instead of your wine or whiskey nightcap (save it for the weekend!), sip on Kina non-alcoholic drink with botanicals, adaptogens and nootropics that sooth your mind and support a deep sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and rested after a soothing night’s sleep. 


8 | Airplane Mode Activated

Current Situation: Mindless Scrolling 

Upgrade: Bettering the Mind

Turn your phone off at least an hour before bed—ditch the screen time for some me time. Alternatives to scrolling through Instagram include: reading a book (Think Like a Monk, The Year of Less and The Little Book of HYGGE), writing in a journal or taking a bubble bath. Drink a glass of hot water with lemon as you end the day with gratitude. Quoted in The Little Book of HYGGE, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. -Annie Dillard.” 


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