An Anxiety Expert's Opinion on CBD

We sat down with Daniel Patterson – an educational life coach who's dedicated his career to the difficult conversations, changing others through experiences that changed him, and providing advice to parents, children, and adults with anxiety. When he mentioned he used CBD for anxiety, we obviously HAD to bring him in and chat with him.


After shifting away from a traditional school administration-based position, he used his creative energy to reimagine his footprint in education, and tap into the minds of adolescents suffering from anxiety. He’s now the director of a therapeutic high school and college in Southern California, a life coach, and most recently, a published author.


So without further ado, here’s a breakdown:



Nope, nada, no thx, goodbye.


“I don’t believe THC has any benefit to anxiety,” he explained to us. In fact, he believes it creates isolative behavior. “People have so much anxiety and they don’t want to go out so they stay in to smoke weed and pacify feelings.” But this actually creates a vicious cycle where they rely on marijuana. Because they’re avoiding going out and socializing, the anxiety just gets worse. He’s found that it’s horrible on self-esteem and the ability to be social and make authentic connections.




Let’s just say the man is WILD about it.


He suggests CBD to his clients for a variety of reasons. First, it’s a ritual. Before Patterson’s 6-years of sobriety, he poured himself up a cocktail every night. He eventually began to replace that with ginger beer or sparkling water, and as he separated himself from his dependency, he realized it wasn’t necessarily the drink, it was the ritual. “I encourage my clients to trade it out for seven days and every time they never go back.”


Patterson himself takes CBD for anxiety and mindfulness, but he agrees that potency is imperative. (Say hello to our 100mg per serving). “You get what you pay for…you have to invest in quality CBD.” He’s seen clients create serious positive shifts that trickle down into each aspect of their lives after turning to CBD. “They’re exercising more, they’re feeling more social, more confident, they’re getting better sleep, their grades are better.” Simply using CBD can create a massive impact on overall mental health.


Patterson’s new book, RECOVER[edu] is full of information designed to make mental health mainstream. He provides expert advice, real-life stories, and tangible tools to drive awareness and change around mental health.



If you’re interested in trying out CBD for anxiety, sleep, and overall mental health, our tinctures are the way to go. If you’re not interested, we recommend starting this article from the top, then check out our tinctures. If you have any questions on potency, a CBD routine, determining a serving for you, feel free to reach out to our team on IG @TheWildbyNature or on WhatsApp: Wild by Nature  J




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