Benjamin Phillips, Lot Stock and Barrel

We wanted jean jackets embroidered. Sounds simple. And it was, because of Benjamin Phillips.

Describing Ben in a sentence is easy. He is infinitely curious, creative and thankful. He founded Lot Stock and Barrel, a design studio & retail shop specializing in customization, 5 years ago. Fast forward 15 years before that.. he was in a band, sleeping in his car.

All that changed with one conversation in a Starbucks.  

Ben grew up 25 miles south of Chicago in a blue collar town. He was a “music nerd” with a love for bands and profound fascination for the way they dressed. Music was, and still is, one of his biggest inspirations. After college he threw caution to the wind, joined a band, worked at various boutiques for income and slept in his car. 

Ben finally caught a break when he met a Vice President for Ralph Lauren in a serendipitous moment at Starbucks. Turns out Ralph Lauren needed a fresh set of "non corporate" eyes and Ben was the perfect fit. After his long and plentiful career at Ralph Lauren and Levis, Ben had gained enough experience and confidence to do his own thing. 


Ben recalls going into stores as a kid that felt "stuffy and exclusive." He wanted the exact opposite experience for his store. He wanted everyone to feel like they belong. Thats what Lot Stock and Barrel is, an inclusive store where everyone feels welcome. And the best part is, the sewing machines sit in the middle of the store because they pride themselves on transparency. 

Ben aims to tells stories through his garments but as you can see he is a wonderful story himself, one we are proud to tell.





Find ben at @lotstockandbarrel. And if you ever find him in person say hi, he's kind beyond comprehension. 


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