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Don’t hit snooze on sleep.

When you don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep each night, you miss out on the vivid wanderings of your subconscious, get a little cranky (sorry, but you know it’s true), run the risk of lower cognitive functions, a weakened immune system, and other health issues.

 So, get cozy because whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up feeling refreshed—we’ve got some serious reccos for you.





Meditation is the New Melatonin

The Sleep Foundation found a direct correlation between pre-bed meditation and a decrease in the use of sleeping pills. That’s probably enough proof for most readers, but if you’re still here, we’ll keep going. Meditation has long been used in unison with behavioral therapy to bring calm and clarity into the mind. If you’ve tried meditating, you’ve probably entered a deep state of relaxation afterward as it improves sleep quality, mental and physical tension, blood pressure, and your mood. Just 5 minutes of meditating before you hit the hay can help you drift off into dreamland.


A CBD Slumber Party

A common misconception is that CBD makes you drowsy—but the truth is, it makes you feel refreshed. It works by supporting your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Your ECS regulates several functions throughout the body, including stress, anxiety, and sleeping patterns. By taking CBD, you're fortifying your ECS to promote better sleep, while easing the anxiety that keeps you tossing and turning. Try taking a mL of Wild CBD before bed and let us know just how you fresh you feel in the AM!


Your Bed is a Wonderland

It’s no one’s business what (or who) you enjoy doing in the bedroom. But we do suggest limiting the list of activities in your actual bed to sleep and sex only. While your down-comforter oasis may be cozy—it’s imperative to answer emails, eat breakfast, and binge-watch in other areas of your home so your body and mind can maintain a strong association between your bed and sleep. Pro tip: Make your bed each morning to keep yourself from climbing in until it's time.


Set Your Internal Alarm

Did you know you physically can’t "catch up" on sleep? While we should all aim to get our eight hours, it's actually more important to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Your circadian rhythm is an internal clock that's constantly ticking. It helps determine your sleeping patterns and thrives off of routine. So actually yes, going to bed extra early or taking a nap after a sleepless night may do more harm than good.


Get It off Your Chest  

“Why didn’t I apologize first after yesterday’s argument?” “Are my car windows open?” “What day does my birthday fall on in 2023?”

 Pent up anxiety and emotions have a way of unleashing the moment our heads hit the pillow. We can drive ourselves crazy over things we can’t control in the wee hours of the night--preventing us from getting quality sleep (or any sleep at all). To combat this, try journaling right before bed. Get it all out there – your regrets from 2 years ago, your biggest fears, or your schedule for tomorrow.  It has a magical way of relieving any tension we often take to bed with us.




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