Are You Overpaying for Your CBD?

Why is CBD oil so expensive, and are you overpaying for yours?


There are a plethora of CBD brands and oils out there. Determining which is the best for you is enough to make you need an extra bottle of it.

But why is CBD so expensive in the first place? Yes, there's a lot that goes into making quality CBD. But we did the math, and it’s not pretty. According to our calculations, you’re probably overpaying for your CBD (and you don’t always get what you pay for). So, we decided to do a little breakdown of what you should be looking for in quality CBD and why Wild is so worthwhile.


First Things First, why is CBD so Expensive?

If CBD were as cheap as water, the world would be a much better place, but unfortunately, the production of CBD oil is MUCH more involved than that of water. From a production standpoint, there are a lot of hoops a CBD brand has to jump through to create a compliant, quality batch of CBD oil. 


Ultimate Cash Crop

For starters, hemp wasn’t legalized until 2018. Up until that point, and even now, there are heavy fees associated with growing legal hemp. If you read our “Hype About Hemp” you know that hemp is a bio-accumulator (a what??). Bio-accumulation: the accumulation of environmental substances in an organism (toxins, air and water pollution, chemicals, vitamins, or minerals).

This means if hemp isn’t grown on a top-notch plot of land, it could be accumulating all sorts of toxins that are eventually put into your body. And those top-notch farms have a hefty dollar sign attached to them. All Wild hemp is grown on USDA-organic farms in California, Oregon, and Colorado.


Straight A Student

There are rigorous testing requirements around CBD (as there should be), and this is also an added cost. Our products are tested in independent labs at the farm itself, then at the time of extraction, at every manufacturing stage, and lastly, before shipping out to you. As you can see, a product that’s been thoroughly tested takes a lot of manpower—which helps explain the burning question, why is CBD oil so expensive. So yes, if you’re considering a CBD brand that doesn’t have their lab results (or COA) posted, it’s probably cheaper, but no, it’s not worth it.


So you may be thinking, okay, I should lean for the most expensive brands then, right? Not exactly. We don’t think you should have to pay a premium for stress and anxiety relief. Our goal with CBD was to produce the most effective product at a practical price. After extensive R&D, not only did we accomplish that, but our products contain nearly 2x the amount of CBD as the other guys.


To see how we stack up, we did a cost analysis of the top 10 CBD brands. Annnnd on that note, we’ll just leave this here:



We found the sweet spot—where you really feel its benefits—to be 80-100mg. So, all of our CBD oil products contain 100mg of CBD derived from American-grown, USDA organic hemp in each serving. And we’re coming in at over half as much per mg CBD than the big green industry contenders.  So why is CBD oil so expensive? We’re not f*@#! sure.



Watch Outs for Cheap CBD Oil:


Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is fabulous in its own way. But it’s not going to do anything for your sleep, anxiety, stress, or inflammation like CBD oil will. There are brands out listed as “hemp oil” mimicking CBD oil... and it’s. a. trap. You see, hemp oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant and is used for cooking and cosmetic purposes (think avocado or olive oil). So always check the label closely and look for the amount of CBD listed in the product.


COA / Lab Results

If a brand doesn’t have any mention of lab results, testing or COA’s, bye Felicia.



If you see any crazy claims of curing specific diseases or symptoms, it’s probably not a trusted source. Why? While there are growing bodies of research and studies surfacing the incredible benefits of CBD, we can’t legally make any concrete claims. 


Full Spectrum + No THC

We’ll just start this off with this isn’t possible. Full Spectrum oil uses all of the phytonutrients, terpenes, and components of the hemp plant, including THC. It can contain trace amounts (.3% is the legal amount), but only isolate or broad spectrum CBD products can claim to be THC-free.


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