A Wild Spring Break


It’s spring break szn. *Cue the cringy sunglass tan lines and $2 Mai Tais of your 2000s past*

 Maybe you’re finally jet-setting off somewhere tropical, or maybe you’re scrolling your 2019 album for the perfect “take me back” post. We’re just over here asking ourselves why adult spring break isn’t a thing.

Regardless of your plans, we pulled together a little itinerary of items you can do to use this change of season as a moment to relax, recharge, and reconnect with yourself.



We promise you – we know the quickest way to a six-pack. Ours contain 100mg of CBD per shot, with six different plant-based flavor options. They are perfect for finding the balance you need whether you’re hopping on a plane, off a conference call, or into yoga class.



There are few better feelings than a nice infrared sauna sesh. Not only are there some insanely great health benefits of just a 20 minutes sweat, but you’ll feel relaxed, restored, and relieved of muscular tension. Infrared saunas use heat lamps to directly heat the body. It’s been found to help detoxify the body, clear and tighten skin, improve circulation, energize the body, and reduce inflammation in the body. Look up your nearest infrared sauna studio and give it a try.



This is the part where you pull out your journal, and rave about yourself. There is nothing like a little self-love to reduce anxiety, boost confidence, and restore your overall mental wellbeing. Start by writing a few of your favorite things about yourself. Whether it’s your work ethic, your brown eyes, or your commitment to your CBD routine— reassuring yourself is a great first step of caring for your body and mind.  



The perfect complement to our 6-packs. Brighten up your morning with a Lemon Ginger & Turmeric shot. Just add ¼ cup chopped turmeric, ¼ cup of chopped ginger, and a few dashes of black pepper (for absorption) into your blender. Then add the juice of 2 oranges and 2 lemons. Blend on high until fully combined, adding water as needed.

 Grab your cutest shot glasses, and pour 'em up! This citrus recipe is rich in vitamin C and full of inflammation-fighting nutrients.



There are several benefits of spring cleaning. Especially for all worker (from home) bees. It boosts focus, creativity, improves sleep, reduces allergens, and makes more room to refresh your space (we feel a shopping spree coming on).

Start by walking through your house and pull together a little packing list of things that don’t add value to you anymore. It could be anything from throw pillows to your crockpot that stopped working 6 months ago. You’ll feel like a new person, we promise.





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