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At Wild, we stand for less stress and more CBD done the right way. That’s why our organic, hemp-derived products are as potent and pure as it gets, with plant-based flavor pairings that will blow your mind.

First Seed to Final Drop

Hemp-Derived CBD

0% THC

Made in the USA

3rd-Party Tested

All-Natural Ingredients

Gluten Free

CBD Shots

Our hemp-derived CBD laid out in 6 individual 100mg shots. Available in six plant-based flavors to keep even the busiest bee relaxed on the go.

Drop oil under tongue, hold for 30 seconds, and chill

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CBD Drops

Our hemp-derived CBD in 10ml and 30ml bottles with a dropper to customize your routine. 100mg of CBD in each serving, and our famous plant-based flavor pairings—these are the ultimate way to unstressed.

Fill dropper with desired amount, drop under tongue, hold for 30 seconds, and chill.

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CBD Vape

Finally, a clean approach to vape. Thoughtfully designed by us in California to provide a fresh, bold, flavorful experience fit for a queen (bee).

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CBD Pods

Plant-powered pods free of THC and nicotine. This unique pod system creates a relaxing hit that’s bursting with flavor every. single. time.

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Made for the Wild at Heart

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