CBD Starter Kits

So you Don’t Have to Stress (Because That’s Not Why You’re Here).

Newbees, our CBD starter kits are for you. Whether you’re looking to try Wild or gift it to someone who seriously needs to chill, these CBD kits are boxfuls of bliss. Complete with a CBD 101 toolkit and all the product you need, these CBD starter kits are a one-way ticket to the relaxation station.

6 Pack Shots

With Busy Bees in Mind

CBD simplified. Pop one (or three) CBD shots in your pocket to find the balance you need whether you’re hopping on a plane, off a conference call, or into yoga class.


CBD Oil Drops

With Calm and Comfort in Every Drop.

CBD oil tinctures, the Wild Way. With 100mg of CBD per serving, these all-natural, pure CBD tinctures are the perfect addition to your wellness routine. Not to mention, the flavors create sensory experiences only a trip to Bali or frolicking through a meadow can provide. Created with your well-being in mind, these CBD oil tinctures are the ultimate way to unstress.

CBD Vape Devices

Not Your Average Vape 

Every inch of our CBD vape device is designed to transform your vape experience. Created to fit snug in your hand and perfectly in your pocket, our CBD vape pens are sustainably made with no anodized coating (because we love Mother Earth) and produce vapor at a clean cool temp. Pro-tip for dreamiest results: Try hitting our CBD vape pen before hitting the yoga mat.

CBD Vape Pods

Small but Mighty

We created these CBD pods because our device needed a bestie in its league. And because we wanted a clean, botanical approach to CBD pods and couldn’t find any. Full of CBD and free of nicotine & THC, these CBD pods are a plant-powered approach to paradise.


When Your Mind Stresses, Your Body Feels It.

While we love ingesting CBD for holistic mind + body relief, our topicals focus on localized, targeted areas. Cheaper than your spa day but equally as relaxing, they’re formulated with all-natural, nourishing, antioxidant-rich ingredients to heal from the outside in. 



Dressed to Chill

CBD, but make it fashion. Our CBD apparel is for the Wild at heart, or those who just really love our vibe. Check out our full line of CBD apparel and accessories to look as chill as our CBD makes you feel.

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