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We take a botanical approach to flavors, inspired by world class mixologists with really, really great taste.













Balance: Organized Chaos

You coined the phrase work hard play hard. From thriving in the boardroom, to driving change in your community, to hosting the best damn parties around, you don’t do anything without purpose and intention—including rest and relaxation. Sound familiar? Balance is for you.

Tastes Like: Fruity, Tart and Citrus
Feels Like: Driving with the top down
Tunes: Katy Perry, Panic! At the Disco
Passions: Something new every month
Fitness: First Crossfit, then Pilates
Lifestyle: Vegas by night, Spa by day
Stance / Attitude: Masks up with a spare in your pocket
and box of disposables to share

Chill: Always Easy-Going

Casual and carefree, but always on point. For those who wave at strangers, pick up the phone for unknown numbers and will let the person holding one item check out first at the grocery store there’s Chill.

Tastes Like: Mint
Feels Like: A cool breeze

Tunes: Foster the People, MGMT
Passions: Saving the planet one reusable bag at a time
Fitness: Hot yoga, meditation and slacklining
Lifestyle: Barefoot and grounded
Stance / Attitude: Masks up for solidarity

Escape: The Jetsetter

Escape is for the jet setters. For those who work to live and live to travel—when that’s a thing again. Your firstborn will have more passport stamps in utero than most 30-year-olds.

Tastes Like: Mango and Pineapple
Feels Like: Vacation

Tunes: Charli XCX, The Weeknd
Passions: Foreign languages and global warming, obviously
Fitness: Whatever the geography dictates
Lifestyle: Citizen of the World
Stance: Masks up to open borders

Inspire: Goal-Setter + Go-Getter

Dedicated to leaving the world a better place, Inspire is for those who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Making the most of every day and encouraging others to join the movement – whichever one that might be today. You inspire us! You also make us need some Chill ;)

Tastes Like: Citrus with a dash of Lemon
Feels Like: Ocean Spray

Tunes: Imagine Dragons, Group Love
Passions: Too many to list
Fitness: Peloton + Podcast for the body and the mind
Lifestyle: The Advocate
Stance / Attitude: Mask up, census complete, registered to vote

Serene: The Peacekeeper

Slow and steady wins this race. If you feel like all is well that ends well and prefer to let daily trifles work themselves out, Serene is for you. We’re willing to bet that everything in your home has a place, but if it ends up somewhere else, that’d be cool with you too.

Tastes Like: Lavender, Rose and Hibiscus
Feels Like: Peace

Tunes: Coldplay, Kings of Leon
Passions: The arts, oh and world peace
Fitness: Hikes and open water swims, really anything that gets your heart rate up while communing with nature
Lifestyle: Avoids crowds like the plague
Stance: N95 all day every day

Fresh: The EXTRAvagant

Fresh, to death. The early adopters, the ones whose senior quote was “an original is always better than a copy.” Fresh is for those unstrapped by convention, enamored by extravagance and with an occasional flair for the dramatic.

Tastes Like: Apple and Mint
Feels Like: Swimming in the rain

Tunes: The Chainsmokers, Rihanna
Passions: The ASPCA because dogs, that damn commercial, and they through a great party
Fitness: Whatever’s on ClassPass right now
Lifestyle: Go big or go home
Stance / Attitude: Designer masks only

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